A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An excursion into the crusty, grungy melancholy that exists post-latenight-adventure. Explore the wee hours of a strange convenience store from the perspective of one of its haggard and ragged employees.

Made for Ludum Dare Jam 40

E key: Interact with world. Almost every object and person can be interacted with, even the rats.

Scroll: Changes which item you have currently equipped. 

Left Mouse Click: Drinks or smokes the item you have currently equipped.

Escape: Quits the game.

Pay attention to the effects each of 3 items has, they will help you solve the puzzles.
Talk to everyone.
There are 3 items: 40 ounce beer, Cigarettes, and Coffee.

3D Art: Jack Squires
Programming: Daniel Mann
Character Artwork and Title Art: Ry Neil Thompson

Songs Used:
Elevator Music - Taylor Shechet
Full Blast - Skullcrack
Reagan Sux - Dr. Party
Too Much Slime - Lumpy and the Dumpers

Special thanks to Gabrielle Guiliano


Rot 247 Windows.zip 29 MB
Rot 247 Mac.zip 30 MB
Rot 247 Linux.zip 34 MB

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